We have the ingenuity to help you improve.

  • We help you secure your organization’s future by maximizing leadership at key junctures.

    Executive coaching

    Our approach to executive coaching emphasizes developing a strategy based on the needs of the organization and the existing capabilities of the leader, to identify the areas that will most drive business results.

    Leadership pipelines

    We work with our clients to solidify their inclusive leadership pipelines, to ensure the next generation of transformational leaders have the opportunities they need to thrive.

  • You operate your business in the real world, and that world has changed. We call upon industry knowledge, robust analytics, and a network of leading experts to improve workflow processes and transform the systems supporting your business operations.

    Value chain mapping

    From production, to logistics, to customer delivery, we align your supply chain strategy with your overall business strategy, to maximize your competitive advantage.

    Margin maximization

    All profit-motivated initiatives are not alike. We help our clients prioritize and implement those initiatives that increase margins, mitigate risk, and support long-term strategic growth.

    Implementation services

    Financial processes need to support your decision-making. We focus on improving your financial processes, while also making sure that relevant information flows at the right time and to the right people in your organization.

    Cash flow improvement

    Cash flow is the life force of a business. Our consulting in this area emphasizes approaches to inventory control and the order-to-cash cycle.

  • There are plenty of internal and external assets to support your workforce’s upskilling and reskilling. Are they the right ones, and do they deliver what you need? Borderland-Partners LLC can help you evolve from managing vendors and your CoE to creating a talent ecosystem that launches your business into higher levels of agility and productivity.

    Assessment of potential partners and alliances

    As a neutral expert, we prioritize your interests in evaluating the strategic suitability, capacity, costs, and results among potential and existing partners. We make sure your partners are the right ones to provide you with the right people, in the right jobs, with the right skills, to meet current and future demands.

    Documentation of progress and outcomes

    Are you developing a road map for a talent ecosystem? Have the investments you made to date in a talent ecosystem generated tangible benefits? We can help you identify metrics and processes for tracking, as well as milestones that let you know if you are achieving your intended results. We can also collect evidence that allows you to answer tough questions about the value of your investments.

  • You want to deliver better results, and we can provide you with evidence-based insights that allow you to demonstrate the value of your innovations.

    Pilot studies

    Before you bring an innovation to scale, you need to consider whether and how it will work. Borderland-Partners LLC designs and undertakes pilot studies that generate actionable recommendations that maximize the success of the enterprise-wide rollout.

    Independent evaluation

    We provide an objective, informed analyses of process and outcomes of change initiatives. If you are pursuing or have received funding from a government or charitable source that requires an external evaluation, we can design and undertake a comprehensive, independent evaluation.

    Thought leadership

    We conduct tailored studies on behalf of clients that scan the horizon, examine lessons learned in norm-shattering environments, and pinpoint trends reshaping the industry.